Friday, February 9, 2018

Fahrrad Manufaktur

If you need a really good quality commuter or touring bike then look at my article on Fahrrad Manufaktur bikes under bike reviews.You cannot beat these bikes for quality and value.I have many bikes in stock with many different configurations-------some hub geared 7 or 8 speed sachs or shimano.Some have coaster brake as well as v brakes,some do not.Some have fully enclosed chainglider chainguards,some do not.Others are multigeared with many different specs.Some have Magura hydraulic brakes.If you are 7' tall they will make a bike that fits you. I could go on and on.Just remember you can not buy a bike of this quality from major manufacturers at anything like as good a price.

I have quite a few pics and reports on these bikes throughout the site---take a look at another model here----T300 8 speed with magura hydraulic brakes.A mouthwatering ride fantastic quality!


  1. Do you have the tx400 in? If so how much are thy and will you be open on the 30th

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